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Dance Together

This class explores foundational movement themes (time, space, levels, shapes, flow, etc) through games, music, story and more. Guided improvisation and locomotive technique inspire and inform the creation of dances individually and in groups. Dancing together allows adults to model healthy movement habits for the young ones in their life and gives children a space to take pride in their creative voice. 

Yoga Together

Yoga creatively adapted for intergenerational groups. Classes are enhanced by imaginative play and storytelling, partner poses, breathing awareness and relaxation exercises. Drawing inspiration from music, art, literature, nature and health, the students are inspired to channel their ideas into movement in a supportive, fun, and affirming environment. Games, discussion, intention and reflection focus on social emotional “soft skills” necessary for healthy whole-child development.

Create Together

Multisensorial art experiences that fulfill our need for creation, movement and expression. Classes begin with a short artist study to spark curiosity and conversation. Connections discovered between the visual art and expressions like dance, music, theater, and literature prompt short warm-up activities that prepare participants to let their imaginations run wild with various mediums. Emphasis is on moving through the creative process together, not the product. Additional material fees apply.

Play Together

Laughter, challenge, health and community-building through active and engaging movement games. With games and activities curated from around the world, we play in small groups, pairs and as a whole to promote healthy attitudes toward winning, losing and peace-building within the micro-community of the class. Good sportsmanship, creative problem-solving and teamwork are encouraged. Active movement games promote balance, coordination, strength, spatial reasoning and an enhanced mind-body awareness. Classes begin with an ice-breaking activity and end with the opportunity for each student to reflect and share about their experiences.